Summer 2018


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About our artists

Safety First  – Erica Baller, MD, MS

The Maybe School Shooter  – Lisa Jacobs, MD, MBA

LGBT and Trying to Trust Medicine  – Lary Campbell, BSN, RN-BC

The Tree of Beauty |A poem  – Karlo Sarkia, translated by Kristiina Altman, MD

Timed Contrast | A poem  – Christina Patrone, MD

Gods, Liars, and Thunder in the Psychiatric ER | Leigh Finnegan, MS3

Wellness Robot  – Emma Edmondson, MD

The Haunting Smile  – Lisa Jacobs, MD, MBA

Making Things Up  – Vidya Viswanathan, MS3

Hard to Tell What’s True Anymore  – Ayyappan Venkatraman, MD

On Getting Frisked and Feeling Frisky  – Behdad Bozorgnia, MD

Ace the Bat-Hound | A comic  – Christina Patrone, MD

Los Altos, California_Mach Bhati, MD

On the back cover: “Los Altos, California,” photo by Mach Bhati, MD