Spring 2017



A note from the editors

Dedication and Special Thanks

At the End of Your Rope, with No Carbs in Sight – Nina Wylonis, MD

Voice to the Wound – Alexandra Ewenczyk, MD

Dense and Depressed – Lisa Jacobs, MD, MBA

Faith – Katie Magoon

A Medical Student’s Glossary – Sara Rendell

Let’s Start Talking About Postpartum Depression and Anxiety – Lauren Hauck, MPA, BSN, RN

Broken Boundaries – Lary Campbell, BSN, RN-BC

The Thermodynamics of the Demonic – Behdad Bozorgnia, MD, MAPP

Interventional Psychiatry – Albert Yu, MD

Dr. Baldassano, the Bold – Lisa Jacobs, MD, MBA

spring2017backcoverBack cover photo: “Medical school beer pong table scribbles” by Laura Mainardi Villarino, MD