Analytic Insights to the Tune of Schnittke’s Concerto Gross

What truth is this,
  that lurks and slithers,
  flashing its gleaming silver scales,
  the point of a tooth,
  then quickly obscured again by billows of black smoke?

What truth is this,
  that gnaws my belly while I dream,
  and implants a seed,
  that now intrudes into flesh with its bulky fibrous roots?

What truth is this,
  that dances to a ghostly waltz,
stirs the buried remains,
and sends ashes to swirl and dance in the breathless air?

I had better not find out.

Sunny Tang MD, PGY3 is a third year psychiatry resident with a special interest in schizophrenia research and psychodynamic psychotherapy. 

by Sunny Tang, MD

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