Timed Contrast

Timed Contrast.jpg20 minute sketch by Christina Patrone, MD


Every shadow and each curve
A hundred questions and maybe I’ll learn
20 minutes to learn a lifetime
20 minutes to construct a body with my pencil and eye
The drawing and chart before me
Are both merely shells of reality
She stands with confident strength
Artful, crisp shadows cast over her length
She lies flat, bloated and confused
Fluorescent lights, faded gown overused
How did she get here? How did the time pass?
She didn’t believe that her youth wouldn’t last
His back is straight, his eyes are bright
Slim frame, skin glowing with light
He shivers and he sweats
Insidious infection crawling up his legs
My pencil dances across the page
I piece together the puzzle of the case
I open my eyes wide to capture the rest
I close them tight to hear her heart beat in her chest
5 minutes to get really close
5 minutes to tell the story, almost

Christina Patrone, MD is completing a Transitional Year at Memorial SloanKettering Cancer Center, and will go on to Dermatology residency at Columbia University Medical Center

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